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7 Excellent Reasons to Try Chiropractic

Back pain can disrupt everything you do, from the way you sit to the way you walk to how well you sleep. It also affects your emotional state, causing stress, and even depression.

Although about 35 million people see a chiropractor each year, many others still have some misconceptions and anxiety around seeking chiropractic care. If you have back or neck pain, a chiropractor may be the fastest route to feeling better.

Let’s look at seven reasons why you should book an appointment with a chiropractor in Jupiter, Palm Beach County, South Florida, to treat your back or neck pain. 

1. Treat the Root Cause Chiropractic

 If you suffer from back pain, you’ve probably tried all sorts of remedies. Over-the-counter drugs, hot packs, baths, stretching can all help treat the symptoms, but none of them address the cause of your pain.

Chiropractic care offers a more effective pain treatment than traditional medical doctors, too. Of all patients who sought medical treatment, 56% of them saw a 30% reduction in pain after four weeks.

While those numbers might sound impressive, consider that 94% of chiropractic patients saw that same 30% reduction in pain after four weeks.

2. No More Insomnia

Many people have insomnia, and back pain can both cause it and make it worse. It’s hard to get comfortable enough to fall asleep when you’re in pain. Chiropractic visits can help improve blood flow and reduce pain, which can help you get more restful sleep.

3. Help with Headaches and Migraines 

If you suffer from recurring headaches or migraines, you know they can become debilitating. Spinal manipulation can help treat headaches and neck pain so you can get back to your normal activities.

4. Reduce or Avoid Medication 

 Perhaps you’ve had doubts about taking prescription medications for your pain. Opiates have addictive properties, and they often come with unpleasant side effects. Even taking over-the-counter pain medications can cause problems over time, like stomach trouble and kidney damage.

A Gonstead chiropractor can help reduce your pain without any drugs or side effects. A recent study showed that chiropractic care was more effective in treating neck pain than medication, with patients more likely to be pain-free after twelve weeks. 

5. Improve Your Immune System 

Evidence shows that chiropractic care can help improve your immune system. Your immune system and your nervous system are intertwined, so treating one can help the other.

Dysfunctions and subluxations inside your body can weaken the immune system. By addressing the underlying causes of your body’s misalignment, this treatment lowers your body’s stress response and calms the sympathetic nervous system, which both play a role in your immunity. A strong immune system will help you fight off seasonal illnesses, heal faster from injuries, and live a healthier lifestyle overall. 

6. Stress Relief Chiropractic

When you experience chronic pain, it heightens your body’s long-term stress response. Your body functions best when everything is aligned correctly. If your spine falls out of alignment, your nervous system sends pain signals to your brain to tell it that something is amiss.

Since everything in your body is connected, this response affects every system in your body. If you have hip pain, for example, it affects the way you walk. You put extra pressure on your other leg as you try to protect the sore hip from further pain. As a result, your other leg suffers.

Pain also causes you to worry, which creates a chain reaction that leads to lack of sleep and emotional dysfunction. Visiting a chiropractor can help reduce this stress and restore your quality of life.

7. Better Sports Performance 

Many professional athletes see chiropractors regularly. All 32 NFL teams have chiropractors on staff to help players with back and neck pain, as well as fixing any alignment problems that arise.

Professional runners often see chiropractors, as well. While you may not be a professional athlete, chiropractic care can help casual runners, too. An aligned body is stronger and less prone to injury, so you can train without worrying about pain.

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