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Google Review ★★★★★

I hurt my back lifting too much. I thought I could stretch it out and fix it myself. After 6 weeks of pain, I went in to see what they might say. Dr. A did an initial interview and a set of X-rays. I was shocked to see how my spine was so out of whack in the X-ray. No amount of stretching would ever fix that. I have been seeing Dr. A ever since. My mobility is back and I am thrilled. I feel so much better. Ben and Casey in the office have been so welcoming every appointment. Everyone is really nice. I HIGHLY recommend!


Karen Clark

a month ago

Google Review ★★★★★

Extremely happy and satisfied with the improvements I’ve been getting at Nordik Chiropractic. I’ve been suffering from neck and lower back pain and my changes are truly amazing. I’m extremely grateful with Dr. Andri Dagnyjarson, an excellent and very professional Chiropractor. I loved how he took his time to take some X-Rays and explain my conditions with me as well as my treatment options.


Glo Mina

a month ago

Google Review ★★★★★

Nordik has helped me numerous times over the past few years as I’ve dealt with neck & back pain too often! I recommend getting into their office and listening to AND FOLLOWING their treatment plan! Their staff is amazing, I’ve seen Dr G, Dr A, and Dr Sean and love them all – not to mention Ben and their mascot Alaska! I owe you guys more than a “thank you” for how much you have helped me navigate through neck & back issues! Can’t wait to continue our adjustments. The staff is always very helpful , kind and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Dagnyjarson to anyone looking for a specialist.


Amy Davis

5 months ago

Google Review ★★★★★

Andri is the best chiropractor I have ever had. He has changed my life by adjusting my spine, I am beyond thankful to him. The professionalism at this business is unmatched. I would highly recommend this to any one looking for a Chiropractor. I came in for lower back pain, I have been to many doctors looking for results for the past 7 years, within 6 weeks I no longer have lower back pain thanks to the adjustments I received. I sleep much better now and am able to go jogging.


Austin Palacios

8 months ago

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Oliver T

google reviews
Dr. G has the best methods for adjusting patients.
Dr. G has the best methods for adjusting patients. I’ve been using chiropractors for 45 years, and he is in the top 5! Gentle adjustments that don’t smash you. Professional manner, funny as heck. Helped my wife with severe nerve restoration and avoided surgery. Bring a friend! Highly recommend Nordik chiropractic!



google reviews
I travel from Italy to use Dr G’s chiropractic services.
I travel from Italy to use Dr G’s chiropractic services. I don’t trust anyone else with my neck problems. Gonstead technique takes the guess work and mistakes out of chiropractic adjustments. Very thorough assessment, excellent adjustments and friendly clinic all round. Highly recommended.hly recommend Nordikchiropractic!


Marin Bernstein


google reviewsDr. A and Dr. G are amazing and truly caring people!
I wasn’t able to walk and passed out because I was in so much pain due to a herniated disc that was hitting the spinal nerve. Within a week, under Dr. Andris’s care and expertise I now have no pain and I am on my way to recovery. I can not thank Dr. A enough for his help, he saw me twice a day, even over the weekend when there are no office hours. I look forward to the progress I will continue to make and I will continue to go see Dr. A! If you are in need of a chiropractor, seriously look no further, give them a try and you will not be disappointed.


Ashley Nicole Fitness

google reviewsI’ve been seeing Dr for a little over 2 years now and he has changed my life.
As an athlete, I am constantly needing some workout recovery and I always feel 10x better instantly as I leave. I’ve also pulled my back, had pinched nerves to where I couldn’t move at all and within just 2 weeks of me seeing him 3x a week, my body was relieved and the pain was almost gone. insane. Now I just go for maintenance and take care of my body! Him and his wife are such a nice couple and very respectful with there work! Hands down recommend Dr G to anyone.


Rick Fruggiero

google reviewsThe gonstead method is an amazing tool used in chiropractic care and DR. Gunnsteinn knows how to use it the right way.
I have been struggling with back spasms, knee pain and shoulder pain for a long time. After a few visits at Nordik all my pain had decreased dramatically. My wife struggles with vertigo and sciatica which has been subsided since our visits at nordik. Other than the health benefits, the office staff is very welcoming and makes the visit that much better. The office is also kept very clean and I would absolutely recommend Nordik for your chiropractic care!! Thank you guys!!


Betsy Koczab

google reviewsI was having chronic migraines and several people I know referred me to go see Dr. G at Nordik Chiropractic.
Dr. G was absolutely amazing. He was able to quickly diagnose the issue and within a few adjustments I could feel the difference. It didn’t feel like I was going to a typical doctor’s office at all. I felt welcome and very comfortable, like I was a part of his family. The team at Nordik is amazing and very compassionate about getting people well. They truly care about your health and how you are feeling.
I started to feel relief immediately after treatment and my migraines are very seldom if any! Recently my jaw was out of alignment and causing a different pain. Dr. A and Dr G were both amazing in relieving the pain and discomfort! They are always great about explaining what is out of alignment and the issues it causes, followed by how they are going to correct it. These guys are amazing and I absolutely love going to the office for maintenance and/or to remedy any other issues that pop up!


Sami Jo Davis

google reviewsI’m honestly not sure why it took me this long to write this review…
I don’t see myself ever finding a new chiropractic office.

Everyone here is outstanding, they care about my life outside of the exam room and that is special.
Dr. Andri has changed my life dramatically over the last 2 months and I look forward to more progress.
When I came in to the practice, I had NO strength or use of my left arm.
I could move it, buttttt that’s about it.

It essentially dangled there.

Dr. A is beyond patient with me, and has helped my range of motion and use of the L arm/shoulder by a good 25-30%. I can now do the chicken dance with the left arm if I wanted too. I haven’t had that opportunity in almost 4 years.

They deal with my hectic ER work schedule my and my horrible memory.

I could go on and on about the team here, but there’s just not enough space.

I promise you won’t regret becoming a patient of Nordik.


Mark Gregory Gingrich

google reviewsWant to give a big shout out to Andri Dagnyjarson.
I had a really bad experience with a chiropractor back in 2015. He injured me horribly. I was scared to go back to a chiropractor because of that experience. I put my back out at the gym last November and have been suffering all this time, scared to go and get relief. I found this office and got a discount on getting x-rays done. Dr. Andri showed my the exact problem as we reviewed the photos together and then he was very careful and reassuring with me understanding my past experience as he adjusted me. Now only three treatments later I am like a new person. Very nice people here. Highly recommended them.

. Very nice people here. Highly recommended them.


Diane Wargnier

google reviewsDr. G is the best!
I was in the area visiting family for Thanksgiving and wanted to see if he could help me with some of the back and jaw issues I’d been having for quite some time. I’d heard good things about Gonstead so I’d figured I’d see for myself.

After just one visit, my jaw is better than it’s been in 10 years. Opens wider and straighter. I went back several times while here and his adjustments have already had positive effects that I can see and feel. My hip no longer pulls while walking or cycling and I no longer have any strain or aching in my back.

So long story short, two thumbs way up.
Not only is Dr. G super skilled at what he does, but he’s personable and will make you feel totally at ease. You can tell he truly cares about his patients and loves the work he does. My husband was with me, who didn’t have an appointment, and Dr. G took a few minutes to assess his back and give him some stretches for his sciatica that was flaring up. He totally didn’t have to do that, but he did.

Dr. G does serious work but doesn’t take himself too seriously. Really listens to patients as well. I was so excited to get adjusted because I felt the positive effects immediately. Best money I spent while here!

The free Wi-Fi in the waiting area was a nice touch too. We live in Europe, so it was nice to be able to connect while waiting.

I’d recommend Dr. G’s practice to anyone. Go see him! I hope to be back soon!

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