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A Holistic Approach to Pain-Free and Comfortable Life  

Best Chiropractor in Jupiter, FL

At Nordik Chiropractic, we believe in addressing the cause of the problem and not just relieving the symptoms. We are a top rated chiropractor in Jupiter, FL, who focuses on holistic wellness chiropractic to address the root cause of your pain.

Best Chiropractor to Help You Keep Moving  

At Nordik Chiropractic, we devote all our time and attention to understanding your concerns and treating the underlying cause of your faltering health. After a comprehensive evaluation, we develop a treatment plan tailor-made to provide, relief, address your health issues and help you live your best life. 

If you are searching for a top rated chiropractor in Jupiter, FL, that takes the time to understand your concerns, then Nordik Chiropractic is the right place for you.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Treatment for Patients of All Ages  

Our mission is to offer you the best chiropractor care, whether you’re looking for relief, function at your best or promote wellness. Our team of experienced chiropractors seek to deliver the highest standard of care.

They take a hands-on approach and manually adjust spinal subluxations (misalignments obstructing spinal nerves) by hand to restore proper neurological communication between your brain and body. To support the chiropractic care, they provide home instructions for spinal exercises stretches based on each individual’s spine when indicated so they can be involved with their care and hold their corrections better and longer.

Top Rated Chiropractor in Jupiter, FL

Common Issues People experience Help with at Nordik Chiropractic   

The Gonstead Method:

Considered by many the gold standard of hands-on chiropractic care, the Gonstead approach is used to identify and correct a spinal subluxations. Our doctors are the only licensed chiropractors in Jupiter, Florida, to exclusively practice this method of care.

Back Pain:

Chronic back pain can be physically debilitating and hinder your everyday life and career. Visit us to get long-lasting relief.

Neck Pain:

At Nordik Chiropractic clinic, we treat the core issues behind your neck pain to provide long-lasting relief and comfort.


Whether it is a migraine or tension headache, our experienced chiropractors will provide comprehensive treatment to relieve you of the pain and get back to living life again.

Auto Accidents:

Chiropractic care often becomes necessary to treat people who’ve experienced whiplash and other injuries sustained in auto accidents. Our doctors provide extreme care while dealing with auto accident patients and ensure they are cared for appropriately and rehabilitated so they can get back to, and excel in, their everyday activities. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS):

Chiropractic care has been immensely effective for helping people with carpal tunnel pain and preventing it from reappearing in the future.  Some researchers have suggested that over 80% of people with CTS also have spinal nerve obstruction from their neck going down to their wrist – known as Double Crush Phenomenon.  Specific adjustments to the neck removes pressure from the nerves going into the wrist to restore normal function.

Hip Pain:

Muscle sprain, strain, tightness, or spinal misalignment are primarily responsible for chronic hip pain. Proper hands-on chiropractic care can easily alleviate these problems from the core.

Overall Wellness:

It’s an established scientific fact that optimal function and wellness is dependent upon an intact nerve system free of obstructions.  Misaligned spinal bones are the primary cause of these of obstructions to the spinal nerves that carry energy from the brain to the body. More and more Floridians are experiencing the benefits of a regular spinal check ups and adjustments to promote optimal function.  Some of these reported benefits include: improved digestion, better sleep, more energy, less frequent illnesses, and improved sense of well-being.  Give us a call today and find out how you can benefit from regular spinal check ups.

Welcome to Nordik Chiropractic – Your Top Rated Chiropractor in Jupiter, FL  

Our team is comprised of excellent professional chiropractors who provide comprehensive chiropractic care. They also guide patients to practice corrective postures to promote optimal structual alignment and prevent the health condition from flaring up in the future.

We are located conveniently on Indiantown Road and are open all week except Saturdays and Sundays. Dr. Gunnsteinn Steinarsson, Dr. Andri Dagnyjarson, and Dr. Chris Cucullu from Nordik are committed to providing the right chiropractic solutions for your health goals.

We also provide wellness care to enhance the overall quality of your life. The thing that makes Nordik chiropractic stand out from the crowd is the thorough inspection and evaluation of spinal health while educating you about normal spinal alignment and nerve function. We ensure that you understand the problem and the measures we take to correct it. 

Among many others, a few common conditions we help people overcome at our clinic are back pain, neck pain, hip pain, auto accident injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, birth injuries, sports injuries, and overall wellness.

Dr. Gunnsteinn Steinarsson, Dr. Andri Dagnyjarson and Dr. Chris Cucullu apply the Gonstead method to achieve optimal results.

Why Choose Nordik Chiropractic Services in Jupiter, FL?  

Here are a few reasons why Nordik is the best chiropractor in Jupiter for preventive care and long-lasting pain relief.

Top Ratings:

We are the top rated chiropractor in Jupiter, FL, as we pay attention to and provide comprehensive care to all our patients.

Licensed Professionals:

At Nordik, you will be treated by experienced licensed professionals who provide compassionate care to all the patients.

Friendly Staff:

Our team members and staff give a warm welcome to all our patients and ensure that they are comfortable during their visit to the clinic.

Competitive Pricing:

Our services are priced at competitive rates to make them affordable for anyone seeking high-quality chiropractic care.


You can also view our patient testimonials page to see what our patrons have to say about our care and service. Do schedule an appointment with us or call us at (561) 658-1180. to begin your journey on the road to recovery.

Why Choose US

Given the option, most people would prefer to be healthy and avoid illness if possible, and chiropractic care can help those people achieve their health and wellness goals


Professional Chiropractors

We passionate about providing professional & compassionate care to all of our clients!


5-Star Rated

Our patients repeatedly give us top ratings for the comprehensive treatment we provide.


Friendly Staff

Our staff will always greet you with a warm, inviting welcome.


Competitive Price

We keep our prices competitive so that you can afford the relief you need & deserve!


Google Reviews: Top Rated Chiropractor

Top Rated Chiropractor in Jupiter, Florida

We have a 5-Star Rating with over 200 reviews!

Google Review ★★★★★

I hurt my back lifting too much. I thought I could stretch it out and fix it myself. After 6 weeks of pain, I went in to see what they might say. Dr. A did an initial interview and a set of X-rays. I was shocked to see how my spine was so out of whack in the X-ray. No amount of stretching would ever fix that. I have been seeing Dr. A ever since. My mobility is back and I am thrilled. I feel so much better. Ben and Casey in the office have been so welcoming every appointment. Everyone is really nice. I HIGHLY recommend!​


Karen Clark

a month ago

Google Review ★★★★★

Extremely happy and satisfied with the improvements I’ve been getting at Nordik Chiropractic. I’ve been suffering from neck and lower back pain and my changes are truly amazing. I’m extremely grateful with Dr. Andri Dagnyjarson, an excellent and very professional Chiropractor. I loved how he took his time to take some X-Rays and explain my conditions with me as well as my treatment options.


Glo Mina

a month ago

Google Review ★★★★★

Nordik has helped me numerous times over the past few years as I’ve dealt with neck & back pain too often! I recommend getting into their office and listening to AND FOLLOWING their treatment plan! Their staff is amazing, I’ve seen Dr G, Dr A, and Dr Sean and love them all – not to mention Ben and their mascot Alaska! I owe you guys more than a “thank you” for how much you have helped me navigate through neck & back issues! Can’t wait to continue our adjustments. The staff is always very helpful , kind and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Dagnyjarson to anyone looking for a specialist.


Amy Davis

5 months ago

Google Review ★★★★★

Andri is the best chiropractor I have ever had. He has changed my life by adjusting my spine, I am beyond thankful to him. The professionalism at this business is unmatched. I would highly recommend this to any one looking for a Chiropractor. I came in for lower back pain, I have been to many doctors looking for results for the past 7 years, within 6 weeks I no longer have lower back pain thanks to the adjustments I received. I sleep much better now and am able to go jogging.


Austin Palacios

8 months ago

Nordik Chiropractic Gonstead Chiropractor Jupiter FL
Our chiropractors and the rest of the welcoming team at Nordik Chiropractic are committed to providing chiropractic solutions to address your unique needs, whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even muscular tightness and tension.

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