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Can Gonstead Chiropractic Technique Alleviate Back Pain in Pregnant Women?

A woman’s body goes through a series of tremendous changes during pregnancy to accommodate a growing baby. Fifty-percent of pregnant women experience back pain at some point in the 9-month cycle before delivering their baby.

The Relaxin, hormone released during the pregnancy, softens the bone joints to make labor and delivery easier. It also helps the body accommodate the growing size and weight of the baby.

Sometimes the hormone can lead to structural instability in the ligaments, causing pain and other associated problems. Regardless, that is not the only factor contributing to spinal misalignment and hip and lower back pain in pregnant women. Here are some of the other causes for the same:

  • Carrying the additional weight of the baby, along with the amniotic fluid and placenta, can be over 10 pounds.

  • Weakening of the abdominal muscles to make room for the baby.

  • The curve of the lower back becomes more prominent.

Nerves, starting from the spine, spread throughout the body to deliver essential CNS signals. Spinal subluxation during pregnancy leads to inflammation and irritation in the nerves causing pain. The lower back pain gives rise to a host of additional physical conditions like sciatica that can be highly uncomfortable or painful for the mother-to-be.

Is Consulting a Chiropractor Safe During Pregnancy? 

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, holistic approach to the upkeep and maintenance of our spine. Chiropractors offer pain relief caused due to misalignment of joints, without depending on pain medications.

It is a comprehensive “hands-on” physical therapy that lowers nerve stress through the readjustment of joints. It is an accurate and successful medical therapy carried out by licensed professionals worldwide.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe, depending on the patient’s condition. While all chiropractors receive adequate training in caring for pregnant patients, some specialize in prenatal care.

The Gonstead chiropractic technique is commonly used in treating pregnant women to naturally alleviate pain. It is incredibly beneficial for both the mother and her unborn baby.

Dr. Dagnyjarson and Dr. Steinarsson of Nordik Chiropractic are the only two licensed chiropractors who exclusively practice the Gonstead technique in the Jupiter, FL area. With years of experience, or Gonstead chiropractors are reputed for identifying the exact location of the subluxation. Subsequently, they apply gentle force on the specific vertebrae or joint to realign it into its proper position.

When performing chiropractic adjustments for pregnant women, our chiropractors usually use adjusting tables for optimum comfort. They also of course refrain from putting any pressure on their growing bellies and the abdomen area.

Apart from readjustment and realignment, we can also show pregnant women specific stretches and exercises to help ease the discomfort.

How Does Gonstead Chiropractic Technique Help During Pregnancy? 

Reduces Back and Hip Pain: 

For many pregnant women, the general adjustment does not do the job. They need precise joint realignment or readjustment for good results. In such cases, the Gonstead system is the only way to go.

Our Gonstead specialized chiropractors locate the exact area of the subluxation in the lower spine or pelvic girdle and work on it to alleviate pain and discomfort in pregnant women. It also makes more room for the baby to grow and helps in faster and easier delivery.

More Comfortable than Other Chiropractic Techniques: 

The equipment used in the Gonstead method for joint adjustment is much more comfortable for mothers-to-be. For example, the knee-chest table features a wide opening for the growing belly while providing ample support to the mid-upper spine.

Pregnant women can use this table to lie face down often after months. This position takes a significant amount of stress and weight off the pelvic girdle allowing the body to take up its naturally arched shape. It helps the chiropractors work on the adjustment without putting any pressure on the baby.

The Gonstead Chiropractic Technique Can Relieve Nausea: 

The Gonstead chiropractic technique focuses mainly on the spine and the spinal cord, which make up our nervous system. Often when spinal nerves get “pinched” during pregnancy, it can hamper the transmission of essential CNS signals. It can lead to significant mental and physical discomfort, including nausea.

Chiropractic care promotes the functioning of the nervous system and can help alleviate the feeling of nausea in pregnant women.

Can Shorten Labor and Delivery Time: 

Chiropractic care is considered one of the many natural ways to induce labor, especially when the baby is past the due date. Pregnant women who have included chiropractic care in their prenatal routine experience a shorter delivery time.

Chiropractic therapy, besides readjusting the pelvic to its proper position, also relaxes the pelvic floor for smooth delivery. It also increases the chances of a natural delivery.

Are You Experiencing Back or Hip Pain?

If you are experiencing back or hip pain during pregnancy, you should consult a licensed chiropractor. At Nordik Chiropractic, we do everything to ensure that the mother-to-be is comfortable during the sessions. If you have any more questions about our methods or working process, contact us at: 561-658-1180


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