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Has COVID-19 Prevented You From Seeking A Chiropractor?

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic impacted all of us in various ways – from interruptions in work and school to restrictions on normal activities like going to the beach, attending a concert, or hosting or participating in social gatherings with more than ten guests. As difficult as the consequences of COVID-19 and social distancing have been, the impact on your overall health could be even worse. Why? Like many other people, you might have delayed seeking chiropractic treatments or consulting with a chiropractor due to fear of exposure to COVID-19. And if you are working from home, you may be aggravating neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain without even realizing it.

The Ergonomics of Working From Home In COVID-19

For many people, the ability to work from home during the pandemic helped to maintain some normalcy and financial stability. However, home offices often lack the ergonomic support you need to keep your back, neck, and spine in alignment. Whether you are still working from home or back at the office, we cannot stress enough how important it is to incorporate proper ergonomics. By ensuring that your chair is the correct height, your equipment is properly spaced out, and your posture is good, you can avoid and/or alleviate the dreaded neck pain, back pain and sore wrists and fingers that often accompany sedentary work.

However, you can still enjoy a fulfilling career, maintain proper alignment, and stay healthy by following these tips from The Mayo Clinic:

Chair – choose an office chair that supports your spinal curves. For best results, adjust the height of your chair to enable your feet to rest flat on the floor or on a footrest, with your thighs parallel to the floor. Make sure your armrests are situated in such a way that your arms gently rest on them with your shoulders relaxed.

Necessary Objects – to minimize reaching, keep all necessary objects including your phone, stapler, and printed materials close to your body. For items that cannot be comfortably reached, be sure to stand up to get them.

Telephone – if you type or write when talking on the phone, place your phone on speaker or use a headset. Never cradle your phone between your head and neck.

Footrest – if your chair is too high for you to rest your feet flat on the floor — or the height of your desk requires you to raise the height of your chair — use a footrest. If a footrest is not available, try using a small stool or a stack of sturdy books instead.

Desk – under the desk, there should be clearance for your knees, thighs, and feet. If the desk is too low and can’t be adjusted, place sturdy boards or blocks under the desk legs. If the desk is too high and can’t be adjusted, raise your chair. Use a footrest to support your feet as needed. If your desk has a hard edge, pad the edge, or use a wrist rest. Don’t store items under your desk.

Monitor – place the monitor directly in front of you, about an arm’s length away. The top of the screen should be at or just below eye level, with the monitor directly behind your keyboard. If you wear bifocals, lower the monitor an additional 1 to 2 inches for more comfortable viewing. Place your monitor so that the brightest light source is to the side.

Dealing with Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, or Hip Pain? Pain Management from a Chiropractor Can Help You Regain Functionality and Reclaim Your Health in COVID-19

There is no need to postpone neck pain treatment, shoulder pain treatment, or hip pain treatment because of fears about COVID-19. At Nordik Chiropractic, we have remained open throughout the pandemic while maintaining the high standards of cleanliness our patients have come to expect from us. In addition, we are fully complying with all CDC guidelines to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients and our staff.

If you are suffering from neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, chronic headaches, sleep disorders, digestive problems, athletic injuries, or any other ailment that impacts the quality of your health and lifestyle, a good chiropractor can help. As Florida, the United States, and the rest of the world begin to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is time to stop neglecting these debilitating issues and start getting healthier.

Chiropractor, Jupiter

At Nordik Chiropractic, our experienced chiropractors have helped countless patients get relief from back pain, neck pain, hip pain, headaches, sports injuries, herniated discs, sciatica, and even spinal canal stenosis and other related conditions that originate in the spine. Employing the gentle and accurate Gonstead chiropractic technique, we tailor a course of treatment to meet each individual patient’s needs and solve their unique challenges to help them achieve total health and wellness.

If you’re ready to start living your life to the fullest every day, free from pain, call us now at (561) 658-1180 to schedule an appointment.

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