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Six Ways Infant Chiropractic Care May Improve Your Baby’s Sleep

Chiropractic care often conjures up images in the mind of bones cracking and intense, jerking movements, so the idea of applying those methods to your infant may not exactly be a pleasant one. In reality, that’s not how chiropractic care for infants works. As a Chiropractor Jupiter FL parents trust, we provide very save, gentle and appropriate treatments for infant chiropractic care. The adjustments applied to infants are generally soft and slight, sometimes involving no more than the touch of a finger. Oftentimes the baby won’t even notice.

The truth is, many infants need chiropractic care just like adults. Chiropractic care is an excellent supplement in addition to regular medical care, and one of the significant reasons for this ultimately involves sleep. While vitally important to your baby’s growth, health and well-being, sleep can be greatly disrupted due to issues stemming from spinal misalignment, as well as digestive and nervous system problems.

The good news is that boosting these systems is one of the primary ways that chiropractic care can help your baby. An understanding of the problem areas that need adjustment is the key to keeping your baby safe and happy, and that’s where a chiropractor comes in. These are some of the ways that chiropractors can help improve your infant’s sleep.

1. Release Pressure from Ear infections

Ear infections are most commonly caused by a build-up of fluid in the Eustachian tubes. These infections may be the result of allergies, or even injury to the nervous system during birth. When the fluid fails to drain, it can lead to extreme pressure and infection, which causes your infant pain. However, by dilating the muscles around the ear, a Chiropractor Jupiter FL can help correct this issue of build-up so that the tube will drain itself and release that pressure.

2. Reduce Fussiness

It can sometimes be a mystery as to what is causing your baby’s fussiness. Unfortunately, your baby can’t tell you what the problem is and can’t help themselves, so they need help from specialists who can further deduce what the problem might be.

One possible cause of his or her discomfort may be due to a spinal misalignment or other type of restriction involving the spine, and this can cause headaches, disruption in sleep and other types of discomfort. Going to the chiropractor on occasion can help your baby feel better and improve their sleep.

Pressure on the stomach may also be causing your baby to be fussy, so making simple adjustments to the vertebra may make all the difference.

3. Improve Immune System

The immune system travels through the spine, so can be severely disrupted if the spine is out of alignment. Even worse, a disrupted immune system can lead to a whole host of other issues that can cause your baby pain and illness. Your chiropractor knows where to make small but necessary adjustments to the spinal cord, which will increase the prevalence of disease-fighting cells and help your baby’s immune system develop properly.

4. Aid in Post-Birth Recovery

Before birth, your baby has gotten used to the small space inside the womb. As your baby grows, this space decreases, and gets especially cramped within the last month before delivery. Studies suggest that as much as 70 lbs of pressure are put on the baby’s neck and spine during childbirth. This difficult process often involves a push and pull on the baby’s body that can cause injuries to the spine and problems with the nervous system. A quick fix for this is to have a chiropractor make slight adjustments right after birth or a few weeks after. These adjustments can help ease tension and strain on your baby’s nerves, as well as aiding in the quality of her sleep.

5. Enhance Physical Development

Your infant’s body goes through a lot of changes in a relatively short time during these beginning stages of life. The curvature of her spine is being formed during this time as she learns to sit up and lift her head, and may be negatively affected if not given proper alignment by a specialist. Getting chiropractic adjustments can help support her spinal cord development and ensure that she grows up to have better posture.

6. Reduce Colic

Colic is often associated with an underdeveloped gastrointestinal system. This lack of development is typically the result of a misaligned spine, which creates problems with the intestines and results in indigestion, bloating and pain. A chiropractor can help to ease your baby’s pain by manipulating the muscles, and stimulating nerve flow to the small intestines. This will help push gas and liquids through.

The number of issues resulting from spinal misalignment and injuries is considerable. However, addressing these issues with the aid of chiropractic care can improve your baby’s immune, nervous and digestive systems, which will greatly improve the quality and quantity of her sleep. When your baby’s sleep improves, it will be much easier for you to stay rested, as well. And that’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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