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Do You Work a Sedentary Job? 7 Ways to Incorporate Movement

Many of us work in an office and spend long hours in front of the computer each day. While often unavoidable, work a sedentary job carries severe health consequences, including adverse effects on the musculoskeletal system. You might experience back and neck pain, eye strain, and an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.Even if you do not have the time or budget for a gym membership or a personal training program, you can still incorporate movement into your everyday office routine. Try these practices to get your body moving and create a healthier lifestyle.

1. Stretch at Your Desk

On especially busy days, you might find it challenging to leave your desk even for a few minutes. If you only have time for a few seconds of stretching, it’s better than not moving at all. Try the following exercises to give your body a break:

  • Reach up and out and bend forward – you can do this without leaving your chair. Caution: if you experience discomfort or pain in your lower back, stop. 
  • Do a standing thigh stretch
  • Stand up and then sit down

These simple exercises will improve your blood flow, stretch your muscles, and help you avoid neck and back pain.

2. Take Breaks

Changing your position and using different muscle groups is the equivalent of oiling squeaky hinges. You get the benefit of easier movement and avoid stiffness.

Sneak in a little break when you can. Take a walk around the building, go to the cooler for more water, or walk in front of your desk while talking to a client on the phone.

Don’t wait until your eyes blur, and your muscles throb. Take a mini-break every hour, and you’ll be in much better shape at the end of the day.

Your concentration and productivity will improve, as well. You may be surprised to learn that you can accomplish more in a workday with short breaks than with none.

3. Don’t Eat Lunch at Your Desk Work a Sedentary Job

If you bring a boxed lunch from home, don’t eat it at your desk. Go somewhere else to eat, even if it’s just a bench outside the building or to the staff lounge. If you usually opt for a food delivery service, try walking or driving to collect your lunch yourself.

Do you work from home? If so, you may find it incredibly tempting to eat in front of your computer. Resist it, have a proper sit-down meal, or pack your lunch and go for a 15-minute mini-picnic.

4. Walk, Run, Bike, and Take the Stairs

If you have the option of walking or biking to work, take it. Public transportation is better than using a car, too, because it usually involves some walking. If you use your car, try parking farther away from the building so you can get in a few extra steps.

Similarly, if you have to choose between using the elevator and taking the stairs, go for the latter. A brisk run up the stairs is an excellent cardiovascular exercise to help you keep in shape.

Many people have started working from home since the start of COVID-19, but you can still apply these principles when you run errands. For example, walk rather than drive to the post office to collect a package.

5. Look into Adjustable Desks Work a Sedentary Job

An adjustable desk allows you to switch between sitting and standing, giving you the benefit of engaging various muscle groups. Having the option to stand at a desk can be a real breakthrough in health and comfort for people working sedentary jobs.

6. Sit on an Exercise Ball to Improve Your Posture

Moving your body is beneficial for you, but an office job still means long hours of sitting. During this time, it is crucial to maintain a good posture.

For an hour or two, try substituting your regular office chair for an exercise ball. An exercise ball can help you improve your posture, increase blood flow, and work on your core strength. A better posture means better health, mood, and energy levels.

7. If You Have an On-site Gym, Use It

Do you work in an office that has an on-site gym? Have you avoided using it because you were always in a hurry to start or wrap up your workday? You might want to look into this option again.

A short gym session in the middle of the day, or staying behind an extra half hour, probably won’t dramatically impact your routine, but it may make a world of difference to your health.

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