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Why is the Gonstead Method the Gold Standard in “Hands-on” Chiropractic Therapy?

Chiropractic practice can be traced back to 1895, when Daniel David Palmer made the first manual adjustment. Since then, chiropractors worldwide have come up with hundreds of alignment and manual adjustment techniques. These hands-on techniques have emerged with one sole aim: to offer lasting pain relief and holistic care to the patient without depending on pain relief medication. Out of all of these techniques, some have stood out. The Gonstead method, developed by Dr. Clarence Gonstead, is practiced worldwide and considered by most to be the best and most effective method of spinal adjustment. It is the method we practice here at Nordik Chiropractic as a Gonstead chiropractor Jupiter FL and surrounding area residents trust to help relieve back pain, neck pain, headaches and more.

What is the Gonstead Method?

Dr. Gonstead developed this treatment technique for over 51 years at his clinic in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

The Gonstead System focuses on precisely adjusting the spine and the pelvis without random or generalized bone or joint manipulations. The only aim of the Gonstead chiropractors is to identify and correct the spinal subluxation causing the pain.

Subluxation is the medical term for a misalignment of the vertebrae, which can cause compressed or “pinched” nerve. Due to compression, the nerves become inflamed, causing excruciating chronic pain and bodily discomfort. It takes immense practice and years of experience for a chiropractor to master the Gonstead method, locate the right joint, adjust it manually, and ease the subluxation.

There are two main differences of the Gonstead method as compared to other forms of chiropractic treatment. One is a more thorough examination to identify the issue more specifically. The other is a more targeted adjustment.

These two unique differences combine to provide a much better outcome for the patient. They also require a lot of additional training and practice. These are reasons why the Gonstead system of chiropractic treatment is considered the gold standard all over the world for hands-on spinal adjustment.

The actual adjustment process is relatively fast and painless for the patient. As a patient, all you have to do is lie in the directed position, generally either on your stomach or on your side, or seated and receive the adjustment.

To perform the adjustment, the Gonstead chiropractor applies precise pressure by hand on the targeted location to bring the vertebrae back into their correct position. After adjustment the patient is often reexamined to verify the issue has been corrected.

The method is accurate and safe, and the patient can come out with some added benefits apart from pain relief. As a reputed Gonstead chiropractor Jupiter, FL, our team at Nordik Chiropractic will ensure that the adjustments are to the point and meet each patients’ specific requirements.

How is the Gonstead Method Unique?

In general terms, all chiropractic treatments can be called “hands-on.” However, Gonstead therapy takes the same approach to another level. Below are the six principles this method uses for spinal analysis to identify and locate the exact location of nerve compression.

  • X-ray analysis

  • Motion Palpation

  • Static Palpation

  • Instrumentation

  • Visualization

  • Case Management

When it comes to more accurately identifying the problem area, there are many more instances that make the Gonstead method stand out from the others. For one, this method uses x-rays to locate the spinal issues alignment and adjustment. It also helps the Gonstead chiropractor consider the entire spine. This difference alone requires additional training and expertise for the Gonstead chiropractor.

Another instrument used is the nervoscope. The nervoscope is uniquely used by Gonstead chiropractors. It detects inflammation through small temperature differences. The nervoscope is another tool, combined with other methods, to more precisely locate the underlying issue. 

Apart from that, Gonstead chiropractic care requires patients to remove their clothing and get dressed in a gown. It is not mandatory for general chiropractors as they can examine and treat you over your clothing.

Chiropractors practicing the Gonstead method also use various tools and four different tables for spinal adjustments, including the knee-chest and high-low tables that automatically raise and lower. Among other things, high-low tables help avoid patents exacerbating an issue when climbing onto the adjustment table. The use of multiple tables is rarely seen in general chiropractic practice, where generally only one type of table is used for treating the patient.

Benefits of the Gonstead Chiropractic Method

Mental Health Benefits:

Spinal misalignment can cause a hindrance in the transmission of CNS signals from the nervous system to the other parts of the body. This can lead to an imbalance in the brain, aggravating feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Physical Health Benefits:

Gonstead chiropractors help manage pain, irritation, and inflammation by manually realigning the spine back to its proper position. This helps promote the body’s natural healing techniques and gradually improves mobility in the patient.

Apart from pain relief, the Gonstead system can also reduce migraines and headaches in the patient and significantly improve neurological conditions. With the pain gone, the patient also sleeps better and does not have to rely on pain medications.

Is The Gonstead System Suitable for Everyone?

The Gonstead System has proven successful exclusively for spinal issues. However, there are exceptions in all cases. There might be people who need Gonstead treatment for neck or back problems that have nothing to do with the spine.

However, you cannot be the judge of that. Such a complex diagnosis is best left in the hands of expert chiropractors.  Our Gonstead chiropractors Jupiter, FL, Dr. Dagnyjarson, and Dr. Steinarsson work exclusively with the Gonstead method.

Using the six principles, they comprehensively evaluate your conditions and subsequently determine the best course of action. At Nordik, we believe that one treatment does not suit all. So, we offer individualized treatment plans that meet your specific needs and help you in lasting pain relief.

Gonstead chiropractor Jupiter FL

For more information and to experience first-hand the difference that the Gonstead System can make in restoring spinal health and reliving pain, do make an appointment. Call: 561-658-1180.

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