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What is Gonstead Chiropractic?

Since the Chiropractic profession began in 1895, over 200 chiropractic techniques have emerged all over the world. Some styles overlap, though each one intends to help patients find relief from hip, neck, and back pain.

However, some methods prove more effective than others for different kinds of pain. Here at Nordik Gonstead Chiropractic in Jupiter, Palm Beach County, South Florida, we use the Gonstead Method.

What is the Gonstead Chiropractic Method?

Clarence S. Gonstead developed the Gonstead Method over 51 years as a chiropractor at his chiropractic clinic in Mount Horeb, Washington. As he practiced his chiropractic method, word of his remarkable treatments spread far and wide.

Many patients sought treatment from Dr. Gonstead, seeking relief from their neck and back pain. Dr. Gonstead continuously developed and perfected his method with at least four million chiropractic adjustments on thousands of patients.

Gonstead’s work resulted in the most complete biomechanical analysis method available, which chiropractors still use today. It takes more time and practice to master this method of adjustment, but the result is a better outcome for patients with more pain reduction and range of motion.

The Gonstead method evaluates the body’s structural foundation and the alignment of the intervertebral discs. Your balance and stability improve if your pelvis, hips, and legs are all level. When they’re not level, you don’t have the same foundation as you would with your body in alignment.

Your body forms one long kinetic chain, and if one area is misaligned, it causes pain as your body tries to adapt. Since injuries to the spinal discs frequently cause back pain and spinal subluxation, the Gonstead Method focuses on these discs as it works to restore proper body alignment.

How Does the Gonstead Chiropractic Method Work?

Using the Gonstead Method, a chiropractor conducts a thorough spinal evaluation, going above and beyond the level most chiropractic techniques dictate. This method uses five criteria to detect spinal subluxation.

Subluxation happens when functional or structural defects compromise alignment, movement, and physiological functions, resulting in back pain or neck pain. So, how does the Gonstead Method evaluate your spine?


When we evaluate patients, we look for subtle signs that something is not aligned correctly. Chiropractors can identify subtle problems with your spinal foundation by seeing how you stand, how you walk, and how you move and carry your body.


The Gonstead Method uses a tool called a Nervoscope. This tool takes bilateral temperatures on both sides of the spine. More heat on either side means that side experiences more inflammation and possibly more nerve pressure.

Nervoscop use is safe, and it feels like two fingers running down the length of your spine. We can use the Nervoscope after treatments, as well, to measure improvements in your spinal alignment and see where more attention is needed.

Static Palpation

Static palpation involves a hands-on examination. The Gonstead chiropractor will feel your spine and back, searching for the presence of swelling, tenderness, tightness, and knots. This type of exam can reveal abnormalities of the soft tissue along your spine.

Motion Palpation

Motion palpation is similar to static palpation, except that the patient moves during the examination. Your chiropractor may have you bend, stretch, and flex at various angles to see how your body’s systems work together. The chiropractor evaluates your range of motion to find any trouble spots where a joint is locked or immobile.


X-rays give a more complete picture of your spine than what we can see with the naked eye. Your chiropractor can see any problems in your spine and back, even if those issues have not directly caused your pain.

The chiropractor can see the joint and disc integrity, any misalignments in the vertebrae, any old injuries you may have, and how your musculoskeletal system works together. These full-spine X-rays are taken while you are standing. 

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About Us

Dr. Steinarsson and Dr. Dagnyjarson are proud practitioners of the Gonstead Method. Using this thorough evaluation, they provide the most accurate picture of your spinal health and help you understand how to improve your condition.

No one should have to suffer in pain. Make an appointment with us, and we’ll determine whether chiropractic care is right for you. If it is, we’ll develop a plan together. Call us at 561-658-1180 or email us at gunnsteinn@NordikChiropractic.com in Jupiter, Palm Beach County, South Florida. 


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